Chianti Governo DOCG


GOVERNO all'uso Toscano

Governo is a winemaking technique reportedly invented in Tuscany in the 14th century to help complete fermentation and stabilize the wine. e technique involves saving a batch of harvested grapes and allowing them to partially dry at controlled temperature of 15C and about 75% of umidity. If fermentation of the main batch starts to slow or appears to be nearing stuck fermentation, the half dried grapes are added to the must which then gives the yeast cells a new source of sugar to enliven the batch.From there, the must will be fermented with the wine having a higher level of residual sugar - about 15/18g/l. Intense ruby red color. The perfume is full and reminiscent of cherry and raspberry; in the mouth it is balanced with hints of ripe red fruits. The tannins are silky and soft. Ideal with beef, pasta and cheeses.

  • DENOMINATION Chianti DOCG Gove rno all’uso Toscano
  • WINE TYPE Dry red
  • GRAPES Sangiovese, Merlot
  • VINEYARD LOCATION Montespertoli
  • SOIL Pliocene Clays
  • VINEYARD TRAINING SYSTEM Guyot, Cordone Spiralato
  • DENSITY SYSTEM 4000 vines/hectare
  • VINEYARD AGE 20 years
  • YIELD 80 hl/hectare
  • HARVEST DATE First Decade of September
  • AGING 3 Months drying and 6 months aging in cement
  • SIZE BOTTLE 750 ml.
  • ALCOHOL 13,50%

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